Reviving Flower Fest

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It's been almost 2 years since we last had a fest here. I would like to revive Flower Fest, with a slight difference: Flower Fest by color.

Who's in?



Hey Manisha,
Its great to see FlowerFest season2. Otherday, I was thinking to mention flower fest thing on your flickrstream when you posted a nice flower shot.
Looking fwd for more details!


I was just remembering Flower Fest, and thinking how I missed it! I would love to see FF return!


let's see. i'm too lazy to click, but if i have stuff in my archives, i'd be happy to send it in.


Yay! This is going to be fun!

Paavani, glad you are in!

Moon Rani, can I look forward to pictures of flowers from you then?

Bee, too lazy to click? There is an event by that name that you run. BTW, have you noticed how everyone says "nice click" instead of "nice pic" or "nice photo?" Hee!


count me in! High time I took my camera out of my closet ;) btw have a look at my son's site's theme (parenting link on mine)


I'm in! I'll have to dig through my archives for some.


I will join in, Manisha.


Stop giggling, and get on with it! Will join in the fun whenever I can.

mala rao

good i really missed ff


Yes!!! I am so glad that all you folks are in! Our first color is purple. Find out more!


Never knew there was something like this going on. Count me in (I hope, as this month's a bit crazy for me).

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