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We are the end of the Flower Festival. An event that brought people of varied interests together. Artists, photographers, gardeners, bloggers and non-bloggers joined in to show case their talent. In nature's world, the festival of flowers will go on. As Clare Ansberry said in The Women of Troy Hill - "Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes."

Zinnia from Sree

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Named after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn, these flowers come in a multitude of flowers. Long stemmed and solitary blooms attract butterflies. They favour strong sunlight and are a very popular garden plant. Zinnia's belong to the family - Asteraceae.

Zephyr Lily from Priya

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Z is for Zephyranthes aka Rain Lily, Zephyr Lily and Fairy Lily. These flowers belong to the Amarylis family. These are funnel shaped yellow, white or pink flowers. They bloom profusely during the rainy season, hence the name Rain Lily. Another version of the story behind the name Zephyr Lily is that Zephyr is the Greek God who ushers in the West Wind and it is the West Wind which brings in rain. Natives of the American Continent, these lily's are popular in Indonesia and Thailand too. They can be grow as potted plants.

Zinnia from Mythreyee

Medium: Photography

Mythreyee's Zinnia comes from her patio garden. These are bright colored flowers and looks very catchy and beautiful.Zinnias are true American natives that originated from the Southwest US, Mexico and Central America. The original was a purplish wildflower that grew in the Mexican deserts. Hybridizers have turned it into one of the most popular bedding plants.

Zinnias grow to between 6 and 40 inches in height with single and double blossoms varying in diameter from less than an inch to 7 inches. The petals can be any of a wide range of colors or multicolored.



Hello Manisha, I bumped into your blog suddenly while going through blogs. I must say you have fantastic blogs and very unique ideas. I request you to visit mine,especially if you love Indian food. Good luck!


I'm sorry I never made it in time for Z!

Spicegirl, thank you for your compliments! Flower Fest, however, is a team effort and we had a blast doing it.

I will drop in at your blog, soon!


I just got intrigued about this blog from your profile ..
it is such anice blog ,with so lovely pics of flower and unique concept as of flower festival ..
great ,will come back for more ..
hugs and smiles

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