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Looks like Echinaceas have won this round of the Flower fest, just as Dahlias did the last!Though it seemed impossible to come up with a name for the letter E, we managed 3 Echinaceas and one wildflower from Manisha!

Erigeron peregrinus

Manisha has captured dainty Subalpine daisies (Erigeron peregrinus) which are a part of the Asteraceae family, the second largest family in flowering plants. Also known as the Wandering daisy, this wildflower is found mainly in the western parts of North America and these blooms are between 1/16th of an inch to 2 inches in diameter.

We have three entries for Echinaceas (Echinacea Purpurea)

Sree has rendered them on canvas with oil. It is also called the purple coneflower a native American herb which is used for its many medicinal properties against cold and other common ailments.

Gini has shot some lovely pictures of the same pink echinacea blossoms, bursting into bloom. Gini adds that these plants require no care. They bear flowers for a long time and attract a lot of bees. Towards fall, when the flowers start to dry out, just let them be. The seeds are a source of food from the birds during the cold. Plant coneflowers for a bird friendly garden.

Nature and Me completes the hatrick with a watercolor of echinaceas. She is currently having computer woes and is unable to update her blog but that didn't stop her from participating in the Flower Fest. (In fact, this is a great example of how you can participate if you don't have a blog or don't want to post the picture of the flower to your blog.)

If you have entries you would like to send in for E, please do so! F will go live on November 19.



I love the paintings of echinacea as well as the pictures! I think I need to get them into the ground now - before the ground freezes - for next year. I hope I have the time!

Great round-up, Sree!


Great! I have F covered already. So no worries there.
Manisha, I think you can plant them in spring with no problem. Are you planting them as seeds?


Hey there. Sorry I didn't come up with anything...maybe I sd have tried a different medium...I used to paint! But,there is always next time.

Good work, the rest of you!


Hey..... good one...... nice round up :)


Gini, I still have tulip bulbs staring up at me when I walk into my garage! I am not entirely sure what I should do for echinacea. I have a friend who is an authority in gardening and whose brains I will pick next weekend. I will let you know what she has to say.

Anita, F is on, so go for it!!

Rooma, I hope F inspires you to send in an entry!!

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