Flower Fest - Round Up for D

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D is for Dahlia! There's no doubt about it. That's the first flower that comes to mind. And we have several beautiful types of Dahlias in the Flower Fest Round-Up for D, sprinkled with a couple of non-dahlia entries!

Pink Dahlia

N&M of Nature and Me has a striking watercolor of the national flower of Mexico, Dahlia. Dahlia is also the official flower of the city of Seattle. Named after Swedish 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl, this flower has blooms that vary in size from 2 to 10 inches!

White and Red Dahlias

Anita made a trip to the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas recently. She found these perfect beauties near Auli, a famous ski resort!

Butterflies are partial to these flowers, it seems! Read more about dahlia and Anita's trip to Badrinath and Har Ki Pauri on her blog.

Soft Pink Dahlia

Gini has these marvellous soft in pink dahlias in her garden!! She grew them from tubers she bought at a grocery store. Read how Gini plans to care for her dahlias over winter on her blog!


Think of spring and with it come images of yellow daffodils. Sree has a refreshing spring flower in watercolors for us as we go headlong into shorter days and the cold weather starts enveloping us.

Delosperma cooperi

Manisha has planted these metallic pink drought-resistant Delosperma cooperi in her little rock garden. They need very little care and according to her, are late risers and retire early!

I hope you enjoyed this round-up as much as I enjoyed doing it! It's a real treat to be able to do the round-ups and learn more about each flower!

We will be moving on to the next letter, E, on November 5. So put on your thinking caps and brush off those post-Diwali blues and get to work on E!



Thats a lovely roundup Manisha :).
Due to this flowerfest, I have learnt a lot about different flowers. Kudos to you all. Thanks...


Hey Manisha, thats a lot of Dahlias right?:D


I was also contemplating submitting Dinnerplate dahlias for D. The blooms were really large but the pictures are over 3 years old and I'd need to go through 1000s before I found them, so I figured I'd go with a more recent flower, and one that kind of fits in with my Colorado theme. I don't know how long I'll be able to do that! I know E is going to kill me!


Dahlias all around! I had snapped those pics before the first frost last week. No more flowers in the garden.


Just my thoughts manisha! AM stuck with trying to find a letter for E.Got to work on it long bfore the deadline nears! This time's entry was a ten minute rushed watercolor! Dint want to skip a round and yet dint hve time to work on a canvas:(I think i tried a watercolor after*years*


hey..... nice round up..... i can see you guys are thinking about E... Can I help???

Evening Primrose, Eustoma, Eucharis..... the names may seem a bit strange but they are all very pretty flowers and it should be nice to paint them..... try to google, I m sure you will get some pics...... :)


Hey Rooma, Thanks a million!:D


Evening primrose is a common wildflower in my area but I have no picture of it! I have a primrose in my garden but I don't know if it is an evening primrose. I've been looking up names of flowers in Colorado but none of them come to me now. I will post a list here once I can get to the list. So yes, Rooma, thanks a ton! If you have any more suggestions, keep them coming!


I have posted two links in the post announcing 'E' that list flowers by scientific name and common name. Hope this helps!


Hi Manisha,
I'm a regular visitor here but my first post. I have a few percious flower pictures taken on many hiking trips. Just wanted to thank you for the links you posted.I was able to ID a few from there.
Great posts so far!
(added the initial to my name to avoid confusion)


ShilpaH, welcome! Please consider sharing your pictures with us by participating in the Flower Fest! E is already on and the round-up will be done after November 15.

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