Round up for X

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There are not many flowers for the letter X, unless one rummages extensively through botanical texts to find the botanical names for common flowers. Yet this round got in two entries and we are 'xited to have them.

Xanthosoma from Sree

Medium: Oil on Canvasboard

Sree's entry for this round is Xanthosoma which is closely related to Colocasias. Used mainly for ornamental purposes, these flowers resemble the Arum lilies and are sometimes called as Elephant Ear. The corms are edible and sold commercially.

Xeranthemum from Priya

Medium: Color Pencil

Xeranthemum is a native of Southern Europe. The flowers are shiny, paper like and may have one or two layers. They are drought tolerant. Ideal as dry flowers, they bloom in white, rose, yellow, purple and pink.



Priya and Sree, these are very pretty!

I can't believe we're on Y now! Only 2 more letters to go.


Manisha - We are inching in towards the end! Can't believe a year has passed so soon.

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