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Ursinia from Priya

Medium- Soft pastels and pen

Ursinia anthemoides belongs to the daisy family. This is a native of South Africa and is also called as the South African Marigold or Common Parachute Daisy. Bright and sunny, these flowers bloom in spring and summer. A place called Namaqualand in South Africa has fields of these yellow beauties during Spring. In Afrikaans it is called glansoogbergmagriet which means glossy-eyed-mountain-daisy.

Ulex Europa from Sree

Medium- Oil on Canvas

This evergreen shrub that has yellow blossoms resembling pea flowers, is mostly found in parts of Europe, Scotland and Portugal. Leaves are modified to spines. Its considered a weed in many parts of America, NewZealand and Australia. Also called the Common Gorse (from the family Fabaceae), its grows up to a maximum of 3 metres in height.



looks like U was a hard one. Thanks to Sree and Priya we have a round up!


Beautiful flowers. Priya's drawings are really wonderful.

I have some photographs of flowers, that I am unable to identify. Can someone here help me with these? I can send the links, or mail them.


Sigma - Thanks for your comments.

I saw some of the wildflowers in your blog. Sometimes it's tricky to identify these flowers because they look so similar to some others. The leaves can be a good sign to identify.


U was hard - I couldn't think of anything! Well done - Priya and Sree.


Thanks for keeping this going, Sree and Priya! The two of you are just way too talented.

My excuse is that I was on vacation. I have one for V though! Yay!


Shilpa, Manisha & Anita - U was a tough one. See you all in the round for V.


such amazing talent!

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