Round up for Q

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Entries for the round of Q are:

Quaker Ladies from Shilpa


Quaker Ladies are wildflowers better known by their other common name, Bluets. Houstonia caerulea is the scientific name. The tiny plant appears in clusters and usually grows in woodlands, fields and on roadsides. The flowers are tiny, less than half an inch wide, four-petaled with a yellow center, and are pale blue. They are easily noticeable because they bloom profusely close to each other, making an attractive carpet on the ground.

Quince from Mythreyee

Medium: Colored Pencil and Sketch Pens

Quince is a Chinese ornamental shrub (Chaenomeles speciosa) having spiny branches, sharply serrate leaves, and red or white flowers.

Queen's Wreath from Priya

Medium: Watercolor on paper

Queen's Wreath is a climber that goes by the name Bluebird Vine or Sandpaper Vine. During blooming times the whole creeper is covered with drooping clusters of flowers in blue, violet and white combinations. The leaves of this plant have the texture of sandpaper. This plant is native to Mexico.


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