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The entries for this round of K are:

Sree's entry is an oil painting of King's Mantle or Bush Clock Vine. This shrub/vine ( can be grown as either!) bears very pretty violet ( or white ) blossoms. It's botanical name is Thunbergia/Meyenia erecta/ Family: Acanthaceae (ruellia family).

Priya's entry is a watercolor painting of Kingfisher Daisy or Felicia Bergerana. This is an evergreen plant that has its origins in South Africa. This blue bloom requires a lot of sunshine and thrives under hot dry conditions. Kingfisher daisies can be ideally grown in rock gardens and container gardens. A single daisy measures upto a three-fourth of an inch.

Manisha's entry is a watercolor painting of Klamath Weed, popularly known as St John's Wort. Klamath weed or Hypericum perforatum, is a perennial plant found in almost all the US states at low elevations and in dry places. It is classified as a noxious and poisonous weed. It exudes oily secretions from its stems and these can cause a rash on people with sensitive skin. Ingesting large quantities of this weed can result in convulsions, palpitation and high heart rate, increased body temperature, and even blindness in both humans and animals. This weed is used in herbal medication, and was recently identified as an effective treatment against some forms of depression.

Mythreyee's entry is an oil pastel sketch of King's Spear. King's spear has leafy stem and fragrant yellow flowers. It has its origin in the Mediterranean region and belongs to the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus having linear leaves and racemes of white or pink or yellow flowers. These plants are perennial or biennial herbs.

If you would like to contribute to this round, please send in your entries to flowerfestival[at]gmail[dot]com. We will soon be moving to "L".



Sree - Stunning is all I can say of this wonderful painting.

Manisha - Glowing Watercolors. Hard to believe that you are a newbie to watercolors.

Mythreyee - A quick sketch yet very well done.


Thanks Priya, and your work in the round ups is really really appreciated.


Kool K .
Nice work happening on flower fest.


Priya, thanks for all your encouragement! For L, though, it's going to be a photograph.

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