Round up for J

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Here comes the round up for J:

Japanese Lantern


Priya has painted an exquisite watercolor of the Japanese Lantern, also known as the fringed hibiscus. She says she remembers seeing this hibiscus in India. The petals curve upward and hang down like lanterns, hence the name Japanese or Chinese Lantern.


Mythreyee sends in delightful pictures of the jasmines she grew. Her jasmines were white with a delicate fragrance. Check out her blog for more pictures and information on jasmines.

Jasmine sambac

Sree also has a lovely oil on canvas of a rose-like white jasmine for this parade of flowers beginning with J. She is so right - the fragrance of jasmine is woven into our day in so many ways!

Jasminum nudiflorum

Shilpa found these Jasminum Nudiflorum or winter jasmines when she strolled around her neighborhood earlier this week. They are a little weathered because of the unusual winter conditions in her neck of the woods. Here is what she says: "Native to China, this plant is commonly called winter jasmine and is a thick bush with flexible long stems. The tiny yellow flowers bloom from December to March and unlike other Jasmines are not fragrant. The stems remain green in winter and with these cheery funnel shaped flowers make an attractive combination and add color to the winter months."

Isn't that interesting? White fragrant jasmines that flower in summer and a yellow winter jasmine without a fragrance that flowers mainly in winter!

Johnny Jump up

Shilpa's second entry is Johnny jump up or Viola tricolor from the Violaceae family. She says:
"Johnny jump up is an European wildflower with vibrant blooms that are deep and rich in color. The flowers can be purple, blue, yellow or white.
They are also commonly called wild pansies as they are believed to be the ancestors of the cultivated pansy. They also get the name Johnny- jump- ups because they “jump up” and spread wild in the flowering season. The plants are usually found in fields, meadows, hill sides, parks, and also in home gardens where they are grown for their deep and bright colors. Some say the flowers are edible - the petals can be candied, added to soups and salads. The plant is also considered an herb and used to treat certain types of skin diseases."

Jacob's Ladder

Manisha tried her hand at watercolors and submitted a painting of Jacob's Ladder, a tiny flowering plant that is a relative of phlox family. It is an ornamental plant and is called Jacob's Ladder because of its succesive pairs of leaflets. She asks that you be gentle with her as this is her first attempt at a watercolor.

That's six beautiful entries for J.

If you have an entry for J, send it in to flowerfestival[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll add it to this round up. In the meanwhile, put on those thinking caps for K as it's just around the corner!



Wow! Each one has got a different flower for J. A very good display. Thanks.


Isn't that amazing, Mythreyee? I just updated the post with two more entries and even though there is a third jasmine, it is a slightly different species. Very cool, huh?!


Those yellow jasmines are amongst my favourites. They are spring flowering in Delhi so they sd be blooming soon inmy garden.

Sorry, for the 'sunny' reference to spring time again as you deal with snow storms!!


But according to Punxsatwaney Phil, spring is just round the corner! LOL! Let's hope that applies to us in Colorado! But we do have the wonderful sun. Even on a frigid day like today. Apparently Denver beat the previous record low of -16F with today's -18F. When it gets that cold, as a friend's husband said: there's no temperature. It's just darned cold!

But that's where Flower Fest makes a difference. You have the blooms, no matter what the season!


Wow - so many of you have a green thumb here.

Mythreyee - Your photograph is good. This particluar variety of Jasmine seems to be popular in Tamil Nadu.

Shila - I love your wild pansies. Their colors are so harmonious and attractive. I have'nt come across the chinese jasmines.

Sree - Another excellent painting from you. White flowers are really tricky to paint.

Manisha - Would love to see many more Watercolors from you. Even without professional brushes, you did a good job. I had been thinking of choosing Jacob's ladder just for their lovely colors. Must say, your background work in the painting is excellent.

Thank you all for joining this round.

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