Get Going G

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We are on to the letter G, the seventh round of the Flower Fest! Get your cameras and your paints and brushes rolling to churn out some nice entries by the 13th of December!

Please send in all your entries to flowerfestival[at]gmail[dot]com. The round-up will be posted shortly thereafter.

The guidelines for the letter G.



I have been meaning to participate but always seem to miss the deadline. Will try this time. Thanks for the invite


That's great, Krithika! We will look forward to your entry!


Came here from Mandira's. Liked your event and blog very much, but I'm too late for this month.
Next month maybe I will participate. I garden a lot during summer so those months should be good :)


Sandeepa, it's never too late! If you have an entry, we can slip it in before H begins (actually even after H begins!) - so don't let that stop you! However, there is no pressure as we'd like you to join in at your convenience as that makes the whole event so much more fun! We'll look forward to an entry from you soon!

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