Moving to 'B'

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After the heartwarming response and support for both, the idea of the Flower-Fest as well as the first Round-Up for Flower Fest - A, we're thrilled to be moving to the next letter: B.

The guidelines remain the same; the letter changes to B.

Please send in all your entries by Oct 4, 2006 to flowerfestival[at]gmail[dot]com.



Hi Manisha,

Thanks for dropping by my site. I missed out on letter A, but will surely try to be there for letter B..... wait and watch!!!!!


Rooma, I am so thrilled you are going to participate in the Flower Fest! Looking forward to it!

Sree, you are something else! You and N&M are simply amazing. Both of you had your B's up before I had even updated the site.


He he he jobless i guess:)


Guys we are three entries down in B... post ur stuff soooon!


I was supposed to post mine on Sunday. Sigh! Hopefully on Monday.

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